Death Knows No Honor


Storyline A conclusion

Here’s the outline…may fill in details later.

Herre Stormur flew away on the wind after suffering the shot of the Heartstring Arrow from last session.

Shape stealers were in the boat with Konrad. One becomes a river troll and destroys the boat and consumes the provisions. Rest of party help rescue Konrad and the horses.

Tuetlars and Van Gool show up. A deal is made with Cedric, and the vial containing Dandrich’s soul is handed over to Mr. Tuetlars. A path “through the shade” is created to allow the heroes to fast travel to the keep and be invisible to the undead army that surround it. Cedric must serve in Mr. Tuetlars employment for a year and a day.

At the base of the keep, an epic battle against seven Bandersnatches and two willpower-enhanced chaos knights. Good guys win. Some serious trauma, though…but no one snaps completely.

Margeaux found impaled on an iron fence, having been thrown from the keep tower window. With his dying breaths he asks forgiveness, warns that he brought back something definitely not Landuin, and gives over the Heartstring arrow, which perhaps he had tried to shoot at whatever he’d conjured before being defenestrated (chucked out the window). He claims that “the thing” ate the warp stone.

Dellin’s knowledge of the occult combined with some things told to them by Teutlars leads him to believe a Grimerlauch, a demonic servant of Tzeentch, and an eater of magic, has been brought into the realm. Stormur arrives in time to hear this exchange. Although seemingly recovered from his wound physically, the tug of the Heartstring calls to him. He’s foreseen his doom, and he sacrifices his life to add his power to the arrow. His lifeless body collapses to the ground after he muttered a few words and grasped the arrow.

The heroes ascend the tower of the ruined keep and find the Emperor Ezekial alone in the top room, on his knees in front of a large boulder inscribed with runic symbols. There is a dead man in the room as well, apparently a victim of sacrificial murder. Ezekial turns and addresses the group. He claims to have killed Margeaux, his captor, and thus they can now return to the Empire post haste. Bismarck bows in acquiescence, but Cedric and others have the creeps about the way Ezekial moves…like a marionette, almost.

Cedric uses his command skills to snap Bismark out of the Emperor’s charm, and Archibald attempts to channel the light as the eclipse occurs. An illusion is broken and the terrifying demon servant of tzeench is revealed. The demon is a hulking monstrosity with a long proboscis that holds the boy-emperor’s body dangling by the head. It discards the emperor and attacks.

The heroes fight valiantly. Dellin fires the Heartstring Arrow, which crackles with energy as it hits the monster. The power of the arrow saps life from both Dellin and Konrad, but it deals the demon a serious blow. Archibald struggles to get to the seer stone behind the demon, and he is able to invoke a spell which deactivates the stone and weakens the Demon further. After a few more rounds of valiant effort, the beast is slain, and the eclipse passes.

In their heads, the heroes hear a demonic voice speak. It says the raven host has successfully prepared the way, and the time of Khorne has arrived. The storm of chaos has begun.


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