Death Knows No Honor


Magic Arcane, Magic Divine, and Magic Most Foul

Magic Arcane, Magic Divine, and Magic Most Foul
Cast: Rufus, Ranthin, Bronan, Konrad

Dellin and Archibald were assisting Bronan’s men in fending off the return of the beastmen that had previously been lured away from the rear guard by Rufus’ marsh lights. As such, they were not part of the final assault on the tower. (Neither player was able to make the session…)

Bronan and Konrad race up the watch tower stairs, only to be forced from their feet by a magical hurricane-force gale of wind. While somewhat immobilized by the wind, another lighting storm strikes, hitting three of the four characters and seriously wounding Ranthin and Rufus. The lightning coursed through Ranthin’s studded leather — the shock knocking him off his feat and cracking two of his ribs. Rufus was heavily wounded, but not to the level of a critical hit.

Ranthin and Rufus decide to back off and let the fighters forge ahead. Rufus detects that the watch tower is situated atop a “well” of Dhar — a source of black magic. Rufus wonders if there might be some secret lower quarters and searches for secret doors — finding none.

Konrad and Bronan push through the gale-force winds only to be confronted by two very mean looking Norscan berserkers. Rufus continues to use his magic sense to track the spells being cast from on-high and notices that the spells have stopped. (It turns out that the evil wizard rolled a major chaos manifestation, which caused him an injury, and he fled by casting a flight spell and flying away.)

Konrad and Bronan best the berserkers and the party rushes to the top of the tower. As Rufus expected, the warlock was gone — the only evidence of his presence was a seriously charred weather vane. From the vantage, the characters see that the Inquisitors have vanquished the beastmen horde, but the Bronze Chaos Knight is nowhere to be seen — probably retreated with what remained of his forces into the wilderness. The characters notice that Archibald is engaged in a lively discussion with the leader of the inquisition forces, which is none other than Lord Bismark.

Bismark and the characters have a private discussion. Bismark asks questions about the character’s involvement in the summoning of the demon, and believes their response that they were set up by Rene De Rochelle. However, officially, if Bismark were to have encountered the party here, he would have had to arrest them…fortunately he was distracted by the beasts of chaos and missed the characters entirely (wink, wink.)

The characters learned from Bismark that the demon was destroyed. A large contingent of empire soldiers, many from the Nuln-area Grey Mountain Company, supported by elite cavalry from the inquisition battled the demon. It didn’t go well. Almost all died in the battle, but Bismark was able to hack off one of the demon’s tentacles. As all lay dead or dying, and the demon was distracted by feeding on a thousand corpses, an ill-kempt man in travel stained white robes arrived on the scene. In a short conversation with Bismark, who was one of the few that survived the onslaught, the strange man said that his destiny had arrived and the moment he’d been waiting for all these years was upon him.

That said, he worked a ritual of some sort, and a bright nimbus grew around him. Bismark took him to be a saint of the light sent to them in their time of need. The brightness reached it’s climax, the demon turned from its feasting and roared the cry of a million pains, and then vanished abruptly.

The white robed main said his work was done here, and he wandered off. Bismark and the few survivors of the battle were too disoriented to stop him or ask him who he was. Instead, they did their best to regroup and carry on as befitting soldiers of the light. As Bismark put it, “One doesn’t pester a saint with inane questions…one just feels blessed to have been in his presence however briefly the moment.”

The characters leave the Kerepault Watch area and head back to the main fortress to report on the events, to heal up, and to re-supply for a long journey. Bismark made it clear that powerful people, both within and outside of the inquisition, have it in for the group and that making themselves scarce would be for the best. Meanwhile, Bismark’s forces leave to hunt down the Chaos Knight and the remaining beastmen.

After resupplying and healing at the main fortress a day or so south of Kerepault, the group decides that they should try to reduce the number of their enemies. The must vulnerable seems to be Baron Strussel of Nuln. Assuming some assistance and intel from Grolst Van Eyke, they may be able to blow the lid off Strussel’s counterfeiting operation and get him arrested by the Honorable Captain Tanner of Nuln. This fits in well with Archibald’s quest from father Burkholt to rid Nuln of the source of its corruption, and also agrees with Rufus who thinks he’d like to track down the “saint” in white robes — he may be a powerful magician that can teach Rufus some things.

While convalescing at the fortress, Rufus has time to study the rune-scribed arrow. Now more powerful in the ways of Magic, Rufus is able to discern how the “recharge” the arrow. It will take a ritual and a human sacrifice. Bronan quips that Strussel would be a good candidate….

Thus ends the Battle of Kerepault Watch. Characters earned 200 xp for not getting obliterated by the storm mage (Herre Stormur). Lucky for them that magic is dangerous and can backfire in unexpected ways…


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