Death Knows No Honor


The Slaughter at Kerepault Watch

The Slaughter at Kerepault Watch
Cast: Bronan, Ranthin, Dellin, Archibald, Rufus, and Konrad(!)

The party, including Bronan’s platoon, has managed to stick together during the route. The beastmen horde, aided by uncanny lightning strikes, has slaughtered most of the Ostermark defenders. The characters fled in a different direction than the main forces, and are pursued by a smaller force of beastmen, a few hundred yards behind.

The party emerges into a small clearing in the forest near a hillock and encountered 14 beastmen in the area. Knowing that a larger group of beastmen was only minutes behind, the characters choose to engage this smaller force and hope to find a hiding place. They are surprised to find that Konrad has also come to this clearing — in fact, he saw the rise of the hillock and thought it a good vantage to find his friends among the chaos of the battlefield. How he came to be in the Eastern Marches is a story Konrad has not had the time to relate to them. The battle goes well. Wounds are taken, but the only serious injury is to Ranthin. Quick attempts at healing are made, and then the group is forced to move on or face the larger party of beastmen that are in pursuit.

The group moves to keep ahead of the pursuit, while occasionally finding opportunity to gain a vantage point and spy on the battle (er, slaughter). At one such time, they are surprised to hear the war horns of an inquisition cavalry, and a great number of beastmen appear to be fleeing from the forest and back towards the keep. Further observation reveals that a significant number of mounted knights of the inquisition have arrived and are preparing to charge the main force of beastmen that has regrouped at the tower base, led by the Bronze Chaos Knight.

Bronan knows that to give the Inquisition Knights a chance, they must distract or kill the warlock that casts the lightning. They decide to attempt to infiltrate the rear of the ruined watch tower opposite the direction of the knight’s charge. They hope to face a smaller force by surprise. Bronan’s men will hold off the beastmen long enough for the characters to get inside the tower and dispatch the warlock. Unfortunately, the group is spotted by a small company of beastmen that flee to the tower with warning of their approach.

Rufus shows his value by casting Marsh Lights to make it look like about 30 soldiers with torches are moving through the treeline, off at an angle from the party’s position. A large number of the Beastmen rear guard is fooled into charging off, and the group attacks.

The battle raged around Kerepault Watch. Knights of the Inquisition engaged the main army of beastmen led by the Bronze Chaos Knight. Meanwhile, the characters with the aid of Bronan’s platoon and Rufus’ marsh lights infiltrated the rear of the ruined keep and assaulted the tower. The characters fought through a rear guard of Norscan Barbarian Raiders in the watchtower, but an attempt at a rush up the keep’s stairs ended badly. “Combat Commander” Archibald warned of a massive gathering of Aethyr, and Dellin was overcome with a strong foreboding. Archibald ordered a retreat out of the stone passageway, but Bronan and Konrad charged ahead.

A lightning storm rushed down the stone stairwell completely incinerating Konrad (Ulric’s Fury) and killing Bronan and the two remaining barbarians as well. But fate had other ends in mind for Bronan and Konrad, and they stumble back up to their feet to the amazement of the rest of the group. Although dazed and charred, Bronan and Konrad realize that the Warlock must be stopped. The group of beastmen that were tricked by the Marsh Lights will return, and if the Warlock is allowed to blast away at the Knights, all will be lost.

There seems to be no option other than charging up the stairs before the Warlock can get another lightning storm cast…or is there?

The session ended at this point. 200XP’s awarded.


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