Death Knows No Honor


Grimm Tidings

Chapter 2, Sessions 5&6
NOTE: Session 5 was interrupted about 3 hours in. We basically suspended game play and picked it back up in Session 6. There was also a significant break between these two sessions due to issues beyond the scope of the game. (i.e. real life.)

Any characters present for Session 5, but not 6 (Izzy? I think) gets 50 xps. Characters only present for Session 6 get 200 xps, as the combat and story events in Session 6 were big. Characters present for both 5 and 6 get a total of 250 xps, as you might expect.
Characters have taken Guy Margeaux prisoner and are escorting him back to Nuln. A new raven from the Lanky Man arrives. His name is Lady’s Man, and he has red tips on his wings, which he likes to show off with a little dance. Lady’s Man brings a message of warning to Dellin.

Characters encounter a man named Murdoch Einhorn before they leave the Empire’s side of the Beaufort Pass. Einhorn obviously has money, as his dress and diction indicate an upper class lifestyle. He claims to work for the Empire and typically habituates in the Imperial Court at Altdorf. He tracked the characters down because they have been working for the Lanky Man meddling in affairs of the state. He informs the characters that the Lanky Man is no longer working in the best interests of the Empire, and should the characters not desist their association with him, things will be bad. Otherwise, the Empire is grateful for their service in ridding the land of Jonas Whitespore and the cultists at the Blackwoods Garrison. In payment, Einhorn shares some dire news with the party. Inquisitor Skaarsgard of Nuln was apparently assassinated, having been found floating in the canal. Lord Bismark was recalled abruptly to Altdorf, and Baron Strussel has continued to gain political and economic strength in Nuln. A bounty has been posted for most of the characters and returning to Nuln would be seriously dangerous.

Einhorn leaves after some banter/discussion, says he was returning to the Grey Mountain Garrison and then onwards to Altdorf. Less than an hour after Einhorn trots away on his horse, the characters hear the thunderous sounds of heavy horses galloping in their direction. Augustus Grimm, and Grimm’s Reapers, have found them! Given some warning by Bronan who had followed Einhorn down the trail a few miles, the characters had time to string a rope across the path as a trap. Because it is now night time, the hopes are that the rope won’t be seen and it will take down some riders.
(End of Session 5)

Meanwhile, Cedric and Konrad (remember them?) have heard the word in Nuln that their friends are in danger. They learn from people who know people that Dellin and Archibald went across the Beaufort pass on some mission to Bretonnia and are expected back soon. Cedric and Konrad take their horses and ride hard to the pass, knowing they must warn their friends that Augustus Grimm is on their trail. They arrive just behind Grimm’s company and are able to join the fight from the rear.

The rope trick works (when does it not?), and two of the riders are felled, taking serious damage. Augustus Grimm, Lieutenant Bronn, and the rest of the riders press the party. They are exceptional warriors and use their mounted position to great advantage against the characters. Augustus Grimm is truly an awe-inspiring combatant…even Bismark might have trouble handling him one-on-one.

Things look Grimm indeed. Konrad takes multiple serious wounds protecting Cedric from Grimm and is nearly killed. Rufus uses magic to put Lt. Bronn to sleep, but takes a sword through the gut from a rider trying to protect his boss. The other characters are pushed around, but Dellin with help from Archibald does manage to cut down one rider.

Morale turns when a group of the walking dead charge from the trees into the road side and swarm one of the riders, rending him into pieces. Rufus cuts down the unconscious Lt. Bronn with Bronn’s own sword after a couple hacks. Grimm sounds the retreat, surprised by the apparent ambush and perhaps demoralized by the loss of his trusted second-hand man. Rufus makes a point to send a challenge Grimm’s way by waving Bronn’s bloody sword and pointing at Grimm. “Duly noted, you piece of rabble. I’ll have your head on a pike soon enough,” is what Grimm thinks as he gallops away.

Guy Margeaux, of course, was able to summon the undead with his novice necromantic abilities, just in time to turn the tide of battle. Archibald decides that he owes Margeaux and lets him go. Margeaux pens the missive that Archibald needs to complete his quest. Bronan decides that associating with this group is simply too dangerous, and decides to travel with Margeaux to Brettonia [Exit Stage Right for Bronan, for now.]

After regrouping (and with some healing work by Archibald and Dellin), the characters press on. They exit the pass and travel through the wilderness to the foothills where Mix Riggins tends to habituate. After a few days of camping, Mix finds them and a happy reunion ensues. Information is exchanged, secrets revealed (what secrets you ask? well you should have been there…you can ask one of the characters that was…), and a plan hatched to go after the Vivisectionist. A suggestion was made to try to find and recruit Lord Bismark and his company for help.

One final note, there was evidence to believe that Owen, the dim witted man-mountain, has been taken to Toltevsky for “processing.” They should expect one seriously bad-ass Black Knight, if that is indeed the case…


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