Storm of Chaos

Heroes returned to the capital of the Empire with the body of the late Emperor Ezekial. He had been abducted during a hunting trip and taken to Mousillon, where it was rumored a vile necromancer had slain him as part of a ritual to raise an army of the dead to rule the world. The Heroes were credited with foiling the necromancer’s plan, but had arrived too late to save the Emperor. Shortly after the conclusion of the state funeral, messengers arrived from the north with dire news of a devastating surprise invasion of an organized force of monsters, barbarians, and demons.

The Storm of Chaos, as this invasion came to be called, unleashed destruction on the Old World. Ravaging hordes of beastmen, Norscan beserkers, and ogres invaded from the northern wastelands, taking the Imperial forces by surprise while their attention had been turned towards the tensions with Brettonia surrounding the free city of Marionberg. The remains of the Imperial Army of the West retreated into Marionberg and struggled to defend the port city from attacks from land and sea. The Brettonian forces also stationed in the area had been similarly ambushed, and the remnants of the King’s Royal Army had, of necessity, joined forces with the Imperial forces in the desperate defense of Marionberg.

News from the south and west claimed that monstrous green-skinned people, variously called goblins or orcs, spewed forth from the inland mountains and plundered rural farmlands and mining towns. The Grey Mountain Company and other border forces were destroyed to the last man. New “black powder” weapons under development in Nuln allowed Countess Clarissa Van Veltheim to fend off the invasion, but only after the loss of most of the outlying farmsteads, towns, mines, river trading centers, and forestry operations. Nuln, along with all other cities of the Empire, suffered through months of starvation and privation.
Similar events occurred in Brettonia and throughout the civilized world, and chaos reigned supreme for nearly a year.

A forceful and mysterious new emperor, Rictor the First, was elected in an emergency session of the Elector Counts. His legendary temper and iron will unified the scattered and fractious forces of the provincial counts and settled differences with Brettonia, culminating in a new military alliance. Under the banner and strategic genius of the new Imperial Field Marshal, Boris “the Bear” Hargrave, the forces of chaos were pushed back from the main population centers.

The city of Wolfenburg, first city of Ostland, had fallen during the beginning of the invasion, and all that remains are ruins. After the Imperial counter-strike, the remains of the city were reclaimed, but the only inhabitants are refugees, rag pickers, deserters, and looters. Although the armies of chaos were defeated, rural lands and forested areas remain infested with monsters and men of evil.

Thus begins Storyline C.

Storm of Chaos

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