The Statue of Esmeralda

A bronze statuette that caused a serious amount of grief


The statuette was first encountered in Chapter 1, in Oldenhaller’s possession. It was supposed to be collected as part of payment from Oldenhaller to Grolst Van Eyke for return of the purple gem.

Later, the statuette was recovered at an art store in the town of Reikspan Bridge, where it was confiscated by Archibald as a heretical icon.

While Markus was figuring out how to monetize the statuette and trade it for assurances from Baron Strussel, the new crime lord of Nuln, Archibald donated it to the temple run by Father Klaus.

Markus and the gang later tried to steal the statuette, but a magical alarm sounded, and the statuette was dumped in the canal.

The entire B-story line explains how the Iron Cloak Artifact Recovery Division (ICARD) was employed dredging the canal and searching the nearby sewers for this apparently valuable artifact.

It was last seen in the possessions of Countess Clarissa Van Veltheim, the Countess of Averland and the Graft of Nuln. Near the statue, in a display case, was also a big chunk of purple stone, and other assorted oddities.

The Statue of Esmeralda

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