The Purple Gem

A cursed gem that brings power and death to those that own it


The purple gem was used by Jonas Whitespore to increase his demonology prowess and for summoning Beasts of Nurgle from out of the voids of chaos.

Jonas Whitespore was killed twice, and the purple gem recovered twice. The first time, it was brought to Oldenhaller as part of a deal between Oldenhaller and Grolst Van Eyke. During that encounter, the Lanky Man took the gem and tricked the characters into poisoning Oldenhaller.

The second time the gem was recovered was during the battle at the ruined Blackwoods Garrison. Upon recovery, it was voluntarily given to the Lanky Man. It has not been seen since, but Braden the Younger unwisely re-opened the Tiefe Vollegstein mines, where such purple gemstones can be found.

Herre Stormur has recently been seen in possession of a purple stone.

Countess Clarissa Van Veltheim has a chunk of purple stone in her collectables display.


The Purple Gem

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