The Heartstring Arrow

An arrow with captivating runic engravings

weapon (ranged)

The Heartstring Arrow was given to Ranthin by Mix Riggins. Ranthin later used it to kill, in a single shot, Dr. Toltevsky’s massive troll-like ubersoldat. Unfortunately, when the arrow killed the monster, it also killed Ranthin…sort of. Let’s just say he had a near-death experience. The arrow was recovered, but it seemed charred and drained of its captivating qualities.

Over time, Rufus was able to use his magical abilities to somewhat restore the arrow and made the determination that a magical ritual was needed, with a human sacrifice, to totally restore it. Since then, Rufus has died, and his knowledge with him.

The arrow seemed to become active during encounters with Die Jung Hexen (the young witch-girl, the Dhar Focus). The witch-girl stole the arrow during an encounter in Brettonia.

The Heartstring Arrow

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