Silver Stake

A silver stake that was used to deafen a werewolf


The silver stake current in possession by Dellin was one of two that were driven into the ears of Mix Riggins, when in werewolf form, to both deafen him and make him pliable to control. The dread Borchard, tax collector, fencer, and resident torture specialist for deTorqueville, was the man behind the stakes.

In a raid on deTorqueville’s castle, Josef Krunk managed to heroically extract the two silver stakes from the werewolf’s ears by jumping on its back and grappling with it. The stakes were found to have runic symbols and a touch of magic to them. One of the stakes was kept by Dellin.

Later, Dellin used the silver stake to slay a ghastly cannibalistic Baron in Mousillon.

Silver Stake

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