Count Braden of Ostermark

Called the "Bull of Ostermark" in his youth, the Duke is in his 80's but still a good man


Braden the Elder, Elector Count of Ostermark, and Defender of the Eastern Marches is a major political and military power in the Empire. Called the “Bull of Ostermark” in his youth, the now elderly Count is still a force to be reckoned with.

His son and only heir, called Braden the Younger, spends most of his time at the Emperor’s Court in Altdorf, and is more a courtesan and politician than warrior. Braden the Elder is in his 80’s and the Younger in his 50’s…so he’s not really young at all, and perhaps thinks it’s about time that his father steps aside.

Count Braden of Ostermark

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