Death Knows No Honor


The Source

Having escaped their “welcome” in the town of Cracheux, Lord Byron Bismark, Court Champion of the Magistrate of Nuln, and Lord Karl Roenker of Middenheim, are all that remains of the planned reinforcements to help the heroes rescue the emperor from the foul clutches of the Jaberwocky.

Having recovered the boat and the supplies that were aboard it, the characters now have untainted food that should last several weeks. They hire oarsmen from the most desparate of the townies in Puanteur. A new companion, Otto Reiss, joins the group. He is a Kislevian who’s found himself in Mousillon, and now believes the heroes represent his best chance of ever leaving. He’s just arrived in Puanteur, and is more than happy to be an oarsman on a boat going away from the swampland.

The characters journey upstream by boat to find the source of the Feuvert river, where they expect to find the Jaborwocky’s lair…assuming the tales of an eight year old swamp girl and her pet bog monster can be trusted.

They encounter a pack of river trolls, which they eventually overcome in battle, only losing (I believe) one of the hired oarsman. It is during this fight that the heroes learn about Otto’s serious anger issues, but they also learn he can handle himself in a battle.

After some more time journeying upstream, they pass from swamplands into deeply forested hills and cliffs. They arrive at a lake, across which they see a castle on a hilltop. They also spot two VERY large birds in the sky heading towards them. The raven, Ladies Man, caws “run and hide!”


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