Death Knows No Honor


Dandrich's End

Session 1 involved regrouping of the characters, battles with the remnants of the Ogre and Beastmen armies, and negotiating with the Ogre Chieftan on a truce which involved providing the Ogre significant meat and encouragement for him to return to Norsca. It was also noticed that the ashen runes previously observed on the Ogre foreheads was much fainter, smudged, or worn off the Chieftan and the others they encountered. Mix Riggins was awoken with the small shock administered to him by Herre Stormur before he flew off, but the characters have to deal with Mix’s odd post-traumatic behaviors and issues.

Session 2:
The characters journey towards Mousillon having rescued Mix Riggins, although Mix is not-entirely-right-in-the-head. They fall into a trap set by Ichabod Dandrich and Lt. Rockhurst, who have bribed the Harimault and convinced Remy Le Dernier that Archibald is an evil warlock.

Ichabod leaves the direct engagement of the party to Rockhurst, while he remains hidden in the forest. Cedric uses his charm and command to convince Le Dernier of his mistake, and to prevent most of the Harimault from attacking. Rockhurst and his loyalists have none-of-it, and Rockhurst presents Rufus’ severed head as a grisly trophy of his determination to have revenge on the heroes.

During the ensuing fight, Rockhurst slips on Rufus’ decapitated head, leaving him vulnerable for a critical hit. So ends the life of another of Augustus Grimm’s men.

Dandrich meanwhile, encounters Ranthin alone in the woods. Ranthin had gotten delayed when he ran crazy-like after Die Jung Hexen, who stole the Heartstring Arrow. Eventually he regained his sanity and decides that the best way to recover the arrow is to complete the original mission and journey to Mousillon. So he tracks the rest of the party, realizes the ambush, and starts to hatch a plan when he encounters Dandrich.

Dandrich makes himself invisible somehow and taunts Ranthin. Ranthin uses his expert archery to shoot in the general direction of Dandrich and actually scores a hit. About that time, the Lanky Man mysteriously shows up, and seems disgusted at Dandrich’s presence (and perhaps Dandrich’s ultimate hypocrisy of being a Witch Hunter who is himself a bit of a hedge wizard). So, in a few short moments, the Lanky Man, muttering something about not having time for delays, pulls out a small glass vial, uncorks it, incants something, and then with a heinous shriek, Dandrich’s body falls limp. Replacing the cork, and handing the vial to Ranthin, the Lanky Man says that Dandrich’s soul has been imprisoned in the vial, and it would be a good idea to keep it safe.

Ranthin joins the rest of the party with the Lanky Man, and banter ensues. Mix Riggins is hypnotized by Cedric in an attempt to cure him of short term amnesia…it works and Riggins storms off back to the de Torqueville estates with full intent on murdering Borchard the torturer.

It is agreed that the Lanky Man will handle Mix Riggins and try to bring him back to the Empire without further complication. Since Mix Riggins is actually Rictor Von Kruger, lost heir of the Von Kruger line and a rightful member of the elector counts, the Lanky Man needs him for political reasons. Meanwhile the heroes are to make haste to Mousillon to rescue the Emperor. They are to meet with Lord Bismark and his supporting forces in the town of Puanteur in Mousillon.

It was also decided that Remy Le Dernier and the last of Von Kroft’s special forces will take Dandrich’s body (which is still alive, but comatose) to Nuln where there is a reward. The agreement involves depositing part of the reward for the characters in trust with Captain Tanner.


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