Death Knows No Honor


The Dark Heart of the Forest, Part 2 / Mix Riggins Rescue / Chapter 4 Conclusion

Sorry guys, I haven’t had the time to keep up with the session summaries. (Of course, any of you are welcome to write down your own summaries…share the load, so to speak…) Anyway, here is a highly condensed summary of the final three sessions (5, 6, and 7) in Chapter 4.

Session 5: Following the stand-off at the seer stone, the characters decide not to press the attack (and have a hard time getting Mortimer under control), and wander through the woods trying to find their way to deTorqueville’s estates while avoiding dangerous areas etc. To keep Mortimer from acting out his rage, they promise him revenge and a bell maker (a forge where large church bells are cast in iron…it’s apparent Mortimer intends to make a giant cannon.) They also drug him and Durdles to keep them sedated and tractible. After getting lost in the forest for a while, they find a small hamlet. Cedric and Bronan, with Krunk’s help, decide to act the part of a Noble (Cedric) and his lackeys and scope out the town. What they failed to realize is that the town is filled with the local Harimaults (Robin-hood like troupe) and they hate nobles. A fight ensues, and the heroes with the help of their allies who were hanging back, come out on top. Unfortunately Bronan took a grievous wound and took a little hop over the crazy-fence…yes, the Berzerker Axe Man is now somewhat insane, with an extreme fear of foppish aristocrats wielding thin swords. On the bright side, once Cedric explained the situation, albeit only roughly due to a language barrier, the characters and the Harimaults recognize they have a common enemy in Borchard, the vile tax collector/torturer that is currently in charge at the deTorqueville estates. (deTorqueville is currently away at the Bretonnian capital where he overseas the treasury…)

Session 6: Mix was being held at the deTorqueville’s estates, where he was under the ministrations of the sadistic Monsieur Borchard. The characters planned a surprise attack/rescue which involved the local Harimault gang, their leader Remmy Le Dernier, the heroes, and their allies (Josef Krunk, Von Kroft’s special forces unit, and Mortimer Schaefer’s team) — and several kegs of fine brandy and black powder. While planning the attack, in conversation with Remmy Le Dernier, the characters found out that deTorqueville was receiving secret shipments of silver from some source in the Empire over the Beaufort pass…although the first shipment since the spring thaw never arrived. It was also learned that Borchard is a master fencer and may have studied at the same Estallian school as Murdoch Einhorn. During the rescue, the characters actually encountered Spike, not Mix Riggins. Silver was used to create a tortuous cage around Spike, anchored via bone screws into the mammoth wolf’s skeleton. Silver stakes were nailed into his ears so that he was enraged, in pain, and deafened. Spike was leashed via a chain, the other end of which was controlled by a couple of Ubersoldaten (Black Knights). The rescue involved some fine planning, swift thinking, and a heroic move by Krunk to jump on Spike’s back (not advised), successfully grapple the monstrous wolf long enough (extremely improbable) to pull out the stakes in the ears. After a few rounds of Spike’s innate regeneration, hearing was recovered well enough that it could respond to shouts of “Rictor Von Kruger.” Of course, the characters also had to deal with Ubersoldaten and Borchard…but with the help of Durdles and his hand-held cannon, and Mortimer’s acid bombs, the Black Knights were defeated and Borchard ran away. In a moment when no one was looking, in place of Spike was an unconscious Mix Riggens. The screws were removed from his bones so that the cage could be removed.

Session 7: So the characters fled with Mix Riggens back to the Harimault village to regroup and plan the exit from Bretonnia. Unfortunately, they encountered not only the celestial mage, Herra Stormur, with a vezerenstein (warp stone) in hand, but also the young witch girl. Massive chaos ensued, tendrils of Dhar snaked through the forest, and a bone shrike was summoned by accident by Stormur, in the body of the Captain of Von Kroft’s special forces. Stormur’s beastmen clashed with the witch’s Ogre mercenaries, while some of the characters attempted to deal with the Shrike and others fled. Surprisingly, Stormur seemed to be wanting to help the characters, but a language barrier made it less than clear what was going on. The young witch managed to steal the magic arrow from Ranthin (who was charmed and bewildered to meet this vulnerable little girl on the edge of town during all this danger). After getting the arrow, the witch girl turned invisible and ran away. Meanwhile, Stormur found Mix Riggins where the characters had left him unconscious in a village house, and with a small spark of electricity, zapped him back to consciousness. Almost immediately afterward, Stormur flew away on the storm clouds, apparently heading south-west and shouting something about Die Jung Hexen. The Bone Shrike was not defeated, and it wandered off in the forest somewhere.

So begins Chapter 5. The heroes have suffered losses and some party members have called it quits or gone over the deep end. The locations of Mortimer Schaefer, Durdles, and Handy are unknown. Most of Von Kroft’s special forces are dead. One can only assume Borchard and his well-armed garrison have regrouped and are on the march to hunt down the characters and reclaim Mix Riggins. The heroes must move quickly, perhaps recruit new allies, and make hard decisions about what to do next..


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