Death Knows No Honor


The Dark Heart of the Forest, Part 1

Chapter 4: Session 4: The Dark Heart of the Forest, Part 1
Cast: Archibald, Dellin, Cedric, Bronan, Ranthin
Followers: Josef Krunk, Hans Bauman

The characters have been making slow progress journeying in the depths of the forest, in Brettonia, trying to sneak their way towards Reginauld Loret de Torqueville’s estates, where they believe Mix Riggins is being held prisoner. A week into their march, two notable things happen.

First, they realize they’re being followed! By none other than Mortimer Schaefer, the mad-as-a-hatter alchemist’s apprentice, with his retinue of Handy (the bodyguard), Durdles (the huge, but mentally challenged assistant to the assistant), and Oscar, the peasant and lifetime buddy of Mortimer that seems to be the only one that can understand his babbling on a regular basis. A happy reunion (sort of) follows.

Secondly, they get attacked by a group of beastmen brutes after Archibald decides to unearth an ancient relic (much to the consternation of Sergeant Hoffstadter of Col. Von Kroft’s elite forces, and pretty much everyone else with an ounce of wisdom), and then Mortimer explodes something in a failed experiment. They fend off the beastmen, taking down the leader with effective tactics and a helpful dose of Verena’s Shackles, courtesy of a nose-bleeding, creepy-cold-wind-summoning, priest of the light, Archibald! Unfortunately, Bronan takes a critical blow in the melee, and was only mildly recovered by Archibald’s healing hand.

Unfortunately, the beastmen may have been a diversion so that the two bandersnatches and their two Bronze Chaos Knight friends could get the upper slope and surround the aforementioned ancient relic. Oscar and Hans Bauman (Ranthin’s new Woodsman follower) were in between the knights and the object of their desire. In a single round, both were “Ulric’s Furied” by the Bronze Knights. Oscar was severed in two, from collarbone to hip…not unlike a knife slicing through warm butter. Hans, who had wisely retreated from combat after taking a nasty shot from one of the Beastmen, was the other victim of “The Fury.” (Seriously…I like rolled four 10’s on the damage die in a row between the two attacks). Hans, only employed by Ranthin for a short time, abruptly “got the axe.” (Sorry…)

Realizing the situation, the characters pause for a moment to decide what to do, as once the bandersnatches and chaos knights surrounded the recently unearthed Seer Stone, they didn’t press the attack. Mortimer, however, is enraged like you’ve never seen him at the loss of his best friend, and Durdles has picked up the cannon barrel…

So ended Part 1. Characters earned 100xp.


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