Death Knows No Honor


As the Crow Flies

Chapter 4, Session 2: As the crow flies.
Cast: Archibald, Dellin, Ranthin, Bronan, Cedric, Johann Schmidt (Allen)

Archibald and Ranthin catch up with rest of the party in the clearing just near the completion of the battle against the Bandersnatches (last session), having run into the fleeing Hans Bauman in the woods. Ranthin uses his leadership skills to instill courage in Hans, and succeeds well enough that Hans becomes a follower.

Three knights are found to be still alive: Sir Victor Von Hume, Sir Thomas Dietz, and Sir Avery Cuthbert. Archibald uses healing of Hysh to restore Von Hume. Mimicking Archi, Johann uses his healing skill to stabilize Dietz, who took a serious blow to the head and appears amnesic. Cuthbert is healed a wound, and is still wobbly.

Dellin was also injured, but when Archi attempts magical healing, he is rebuked by the light and suffers 7 wounds. While Archi was channeling, Cedric noticed in his magic sense inky black tendrils of Dhar creeping from the forest and into Archi’s spell. Wondering on this, Archi and Cedric decide to try an experiment to see if they can trace the source. Archi channels the light again, hoping to help Sir Dietz, but then catastrophe strikes! For the second time in a row, the Light is angered…and Archi crit fails (00) on the effect table…something answered his call for divine help, only it was most certainly NOT the light! Archi lays his hands to Sir Dietz’s head, and the black tendrils of Dhar coalesce into a raging torrent of malevolence…and a demon erupts from the knight.

What was once Sit Thoma Dietz is now a horror of bloody bone spikes rupturing through flesh and armor…Cedric screams and runs in terror as the Shrike grasps Archi, demolishing his arm and ripping through his torso, killing him instantly…or so it appeared. (Archi uses a fate point). Von Hume orders Cuthbert to attack, and then proceeds to tackle Cedric to stop his cowardly desertion. Johann, Bronan, Dellin also engage in melee, while Ranthin shoots arrows at the emergent demon, who seems to grow in power as the round elapse.

Eventually, Archi is able to snap out of it and best the demon in a contest of wills, thus Banishing it. The other characters fought valiantly, but Avery Cuthbert was lost in the battle. Cedric feels more evil from the treeline, Ranthin get mysteriously burned by the magic arrow in his backpack, and the crow called Lady’s Man appears to further warn the heroes. So they regroup and return to Carroburg, leaving Von Hume to command the now arriving reinforcements and gather the dead.

In Carroburg, they happen upon Master Minstrel Manfred Matterly and the Merry Maids of Marionburg. Info is exchanged, Mix Riggins is thought held at a country estate of de Rochelles. Manfred recounts some local folklore that may be related to Mix. Manfred is shocked by the kidnapping of the Emperor and the Death of Toddbringer…he figures it will only be a short time before Rupricht Pohlmann is named Emperor.

With Manfred’s help, a note is written to report the news to Frederick, who is still struggling to work behind the scenes to counter Stormur’s power in Ostermark. The note is attached to Lady’s Man, and the command given to send the crow off to find The Lanky Man. Meanwhile, dark visions continue to plague the characters, and the magic arrow seems to be warning Ranthin of an impending doom to Carroburg. Do the characters stay and help the townies, or do the hurry North to get Mix Riggins free ASAP?

PC’s earned 250 xps each.


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